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A modern oven with the charm of the bygone era: Series Clifton


There are many of us who are still enamored by the charm of the vintage era, and long to relive those olden and golden days of simple beauties. At the same time, we do not want to miss out on the bounties of modern times either.  KAFF, always being a pro-active brand when it comes to sensing the customer’s moods and needs, realized this and brought a gorgeous Series of Ovens, called Clifton.


To tell you candidly, I was besotted with Clifton at first glance itself. But had the initial apprehension whether it’s just the beauty of it’s a beauty with a brain! And when I got to analyze its features, I just fell in love. KAFF has made a rare fusion of the old-age glory with modern features. Series Clifton Built-in Oven will be an enviable addition to anybody’s kitchen.


This amazing retro-finish oven is a True Convection electric oven.  You get enough space to cook your favorite dish and that too, for the whole family with the large cavity of 60 Liters.  The tough, three layers glass door gives you enough window to gauge the stage of cooking while the beautiful analog watch helps you keep track of time.  Internal Cooling fan ensures things do not heat up beyond a point. Series Clifton Oven has multi-functions with mechanical control and when you touch the antique-finish bronze knob or handle, you’ll feel as if you are reliving that glorious era.


Available in different colors, Series Clifton’s features will never cease to surprise you. From Full grill, half grill to the top and bottom element plus rotisserie, Central heating system, Defrost, and many more, you get more than you ever desired in an electric oven. For more, click here 


On top of this, you get KAFF’s trust and ever prompt after-sale service. KAFF, as you know, is one of the most trusted brands of India when it comes to Kitchen Appliances. It is one of the pioneering names as relates world-class built-in appliances in the country. With a nationwide network and a huge customer base, KAFF’s thrust on quality is what makes it a name above the rest. So, whenever you buy a KAFF Appliance, you buy the unmatched quality with a post-sales service second to none.


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