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Series Olivia

Double drawn sinks are sinks with rounded corner & smooth decline to waste hole, these are the most widely used sinks in contemporary kitchens. Kaff double drawn sinks are made of premium 304 stainless steel & have a satin finish. Equipped with sound cancellation pads for noise reduction and anti –condensation coating for durability, this becomes a must have in your kitchen.

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Series Casso

If you want longevity and durability combined with a sleek modern style, look no further than a KAFF granite/Quartz sink. Usually a composition of 75% granite, which the remaining 25% of the mixture consists of high quality resins, ensuring heat resistance, shock resistance, resistance to chemicals & antibacterial protection. Its smooth rock surface makes it practically impenetrable to any wear and tear of day to day living. Kaff Granite/Quartz sink will add class regardless of the style of your kitchen.

Series Carra

Kaff a leader in kitchen appliances industry, features a stylish black stainless steel sink, black has always held a sacred place in design, the black finish looks elegant & blends well with the plush décor. This unique black coating also softens the sound made from utensils hitting against the sink surfaces. The right sink can be a focal point in your kitchen, so if you want to make a real style statement , a black kitchen sink is the way to do it.