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Kitchen Chimney

KAFF offers the widest range of designs and technology in Kitchen Chimneys – in various shapes and sizes to suit all kitchen types. A wide range of models is available based on different colours, features, and installation types. These Kitchen Chimney with powerful airflow not only keep your kitchen hygienic and clean but also add elegance to it. Kaff is the Number 1 brand in India when it comes to the electric chimney for kitchen.


The Essential Range is a collection of a variety of Chimneys with elegant design, high-quality finish, and powerful motor with good suction capacity. Cleaning and maintenance of an essential range of chimneys are also simple. These high-performance kitchen hoods are built to last and equipped with user-friendly air filtration technology.These chimneys are good for people looking for economical options with high performance & maximum features. The wide range of features under the essential range includes soft-touch control, digital display, energy-saving LED lights for aesthetic appeal, baffle filters, aluminium filter, dry heat auto clean technology, and many more. Design features like stainless steel or black tempered glass finish are also available. Auto Clean feature equipped chimneys in this price-oriented range is genuinely a fair deal.


The wide range of chimney for kitchen under the premier range is aesthetically designed for giving premium look to the kitchen at the same time these chimneys are equipped with high performance. These have options like a thermostatic touch panel with 3-speed gesture control, powerful twin concealed motor, clock display, energy-saving frosted LED light. Filterless dry heat auto clean technology is most preferred in this range. Some models in the premier range also have front glass in premium copper and black finish. The premier range of Kaff kitchen chimneys includes cooker hoods that are a perfect balance of design, technology, and workmanship. These Kitchen Chimneys are available in all required sizes and are suitable for different types of cooking requirements. If you do not want the monthly hassle of cleaning the chimney filter, choose Kaff for its amazing range of filterless chimneys.


The Collection Range of KAFF’s Kitchen Chimneys features designer cooker hoods to effectively purify the air and ventilate your kitchen while cooking. With excellent design, fine materials, and high performance it will enhance your cooking experience and make it more enjoyable. Kitchen aesthetics are lifted with a variety of chimneys under the collection range. With filter less, dry heat auto clean technology these are very fine and high-end chimneys. The unique design with black tempered glass enhances the look of the kitchen area. An automatic glass opening vent system in some models enhances the beauty further. Stainless steel oil collector, double ball bearing system, dual vent suction, and high performing motor make these chimneys’ the best in their category.


KAFF offers a wide variety of designs in kitchen chimneys including Island style. Island-style kitchen chimney is perfect for the kitchen space with a cooking island. In this set up the platform of cooking and hob is separated from the kitchen walls and located in the middle of the kitchen. Hence this Chimney for the kitchen is mounted far from the wall, in the middle of the kitchen, however, the ducts are kept hidden under a false ceiling which makes it the best kitchen chimney in India for appearances alone. Kaff’s Island Range of kitchen chimneys have a powerful airflow for taking out fumes, smoke, odour, heat & grease, and is also enabled with the Auto Clean Technology. The range includes stainless steel finish with round edges with a heavy-duty baffle filter, digital display, and energy-saving LED lights. The beauty of these Island style chimneys is that they are both sides operated. The front panel with black glass adds aesthetic beauty.

Super Noise Reducer

The inline duct noise reducer in the black enamelled finish with commercial-grade neoprene sound-absorbing foam lining can reduce noise effectively. You must choose a silent chimney for a kitchen to reduce noise effectively. This super noise reducer can reduce noise up to 35% .

Auto Clean Chimney

These chimneys come with the cutting-edge auto-clean feature. This feature aids in cleaning the oil and residue collected over the motor. Auto-clean chimneys are great for individuals who cannot keep up with the frequent cleaning process of conventional chimneys. The best kitchen chimneys play a very important role in making the kitchen free from smoke & greasy fumes. A large variety of chimney styles are available in the market however for Indian cooking style auto clean chimney is the most suitable. Auto clean chimney comes with a special oil collector that separates oil from the smoke & fumes, which is low maintenance and helps in the effective purification of kitchen air. Kaff is a leader when it comes to auto-clean chimneys for the kitchen. 

With the automatic cleaning feature of this kitchen chimney, the Kaff auto clean kitchen chimney is on pointe as its overall maintenance is low and hence its longevity is high. It is more than value for money when comparing auto clean chimney prices across the board. The best advantage of Auto clean kitchen chimney is that it prevents oil & grease particles from sticking to the chimney filters, which affects the suction capacity of the kitchen chimney and reduces its performance. Kaff is undoubtedly the best chimney for kitchens in India with its focus on high-flame smoking oil frying!

You can rely on KAFF for the best chimney for kitchen, to experience a smoke-free and healthy cooking. These chimneys combine a futuristic appearance with cutting-edge technology to allow you to cook without the fumes. All the best kitchen chimneys under the KAFF brand are high-performing and built with powerful suction capacity for best results. The design for each of these chimneys is framed keeping in mind the modern aesthetics and to compliment your stylish kitchen designs. Kaff is the go-to brand for electric chimney for kitchen in India.

Kitchen Chimneys from KAFF Kitchen Appliances provide the best-in-class ventilation and are built to last. You can choose from Essential Range, Premier Range, Collection Range & Island Range, depending upon your kitchen design and usage requirements. Kaff offers the best electric chimney for kitchen in India for discerning clients who want good performance along with smooth looks.