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Built in Ovens

With over 25 years of excellence in built-in ovens, KAFF is known as a leading brand in India in this category. Our innovations and performance driven solutions have helped us in this successful journey. KAFF offers a variety of options in built-in ovens, with its revolutionary designs these ovens are cooking mates for every kitchen.

Series Clifton (Built in Ovens)

If you admire retro designs, you will love to spread colors with Series Clifton in your kitchen. This timeless retro design holds unique magnetic appeal. You will yourself feel classy while you cook anything using series Clifton in your kitchen. The color options in this retro series are Red, White and Grey. All 3 shades of Series Clifton built-in oven are absolutely stunning. The retro analog dial with antique finish bronze knobs and handle, looks great in all available colors. With 60 lt large cavity, it gives full freedom to enjoy cooking in big sizes for more celebrations.

Series Mazzini (Built in Ovens)

Series Mazzini is a collection of Premium oven, Steam oven and built-in wine cooler. The complete range of Mazzini series not only enhances the overall
of your entire kitchen but also enriches your every cooking experience with inner happiness. It is characterized by latest technology and Superior Titanium finish that makes them stand out high on aesthetics, strength and durability. With series Mazzini, the entire look of your kitchen gets upgraded. The cooking time becomes interesting and it creates unmatched lifestyle statement for you.

Series Cassino (Built in Ovens)

Series Cassino is a set of exclusive high performing built-in Oven and Dish warmer. This is most recommended series for giving premium look to high end Kitchens, where performance matters. This electric built-in oven comes with extra-large cavity of 73 litres, and sensor touch control panel. Series Cassino is a multi- functional and multi programming true convection oven, with high aesthetics including black glass fascia and black stainless steel handle. Click on the picture to check out exclusive features of Series Cassino.

Series Collection (Built in Ovens)

Kaff offers unmatched quality of built-in ovens in Indian market and Series collection is extension of that. The series collection carries built-in ovens like OV81 ZNSC, KOV73MRFT, OV81GIKF, OV81 TCBL, OV70AMSS, KOV MLJ E6, OV80 ML7, KOV70 BA6, OV83 AFR, KOV60 MPZ and a built-in Dish warmer KWDA14. All these ovens are highly admired by existing customers and they like talking about the high quality and performance of each built-in oven under Kaff Brand.