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Built in Hobs

Kaff’s built-in hobs is a utilitarian product, it reduces the need of extra spaces. Comes in different width and has stainless steel or tempered glass finish. Talking about the price- it comes in a wide price bracket which makes the buyers’ decision easy towards selecting the best at optimum prices. 


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These collection of built in hobs with black coated Tornado fire burners, combination of triple ring and dual ring burners catering to varied cooking requirements. Black tempered glass gives a very sophisticated look and easy to maintain.  Series Crista looks are enhanced by the metal knobs and specially customised pan supports in matt black finish.


Engineered for performance and beautifully styled Series HBR integrate seamlessly in to the Décor of your kitchen. These built in glass hobs offer different combinations of energy efficient brass burners and flame arrangements to meet your varied cooking requirements.



Collection of built in glass hobs with high efficiency burners, combined with triple ring and dual ring burners catering to varied cooking requirements. Black tempered glass with bevelled edges give a very sophisticated look and makes it look more elegant, modern and easy to maintain.



These hobs are based on copyright protected design, sturdy unique square shape pan supports and drip tray accentuate the glamour and keep it ahead of the time. These professional style gas hobs are made in different combination of energy efficient full brass burners of 4 different sizes to meet your varied cooking requirement.

  ‘’Bring more class & style to your kitchen, with Milano’’


Novara bears a mystic cosmic look, unique designer black glass with dotted pattern and powerful full brass burners. Its heavy duty cast iron pan supports are especially customized for Indian cooking. A copyright protected design.

“So you know how accomplishment feels when your eyes could see your mind.”


Bellini burners are specially designed with different flame arrangements, offering superior performance. Heavy Duty cast iron pan supports are customized for Indian cooking. Contemporary design with ergonomic metallic knobs and a stainless steel moulded strip on all sides for additional edge protection, transforming these hobs into a ‘real design pieces’.


‘Series Bellini’ a thought full combination of art, design and performance, a true cooking experience by KAFF India. Series Bellini hobs with uniquely designed, energy efficient full brass burners, specially made for Indian kitchens, these hobs comprise of the smallest burner to the powerful  triple ring burners, catering to varied cooking requirements offering superior performance, hence reducing cooking time.


Characterized by the distinctive frosted black glass surface, these built in hobs are embellished with refined details such as classy metal knobs, Full brass burners coated in black with embossed insignia.


Series Massimo knob, deliberately subtle design. The interplay of silver metal casing with black Plexiglas cover makes the circular knob look very appealing. Complementing that is a SS moulded strip on the perimeter of the glass hob.