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Charges (₹)*

Chimney (Island) 2500
Chimney 450
Built-in Hob 400
Built-in Induction Hob 400
Built-in Oven 400
Built-in Microwave 400
Cooking Range 400
Freestanding / Built-in Dishwasher 500
Built-in Refrigerator 500
Freestanding / Built-in Wine Cooler 500
Built-in Bar-be-que 400
Ventilation Fan 250
Cooktop 200
Accessories 500
Corner Storage System 500
Pantry Pullout storage system 500
Corner Storage System 500

PNG Conversion rates are applicable If the conversion is required post installation

Built-in Hob250
Cooking Range400
Duct pipe 6” (one standard length)900
Dishmatic KitAs per MRP
Product warranty is applicable subjected to installation done by KAFF approved Engineers or through Authorised Service Provider of the Company. This is important for proper installations & the better performance of the appliances.
  • In case any damage occurs due to wrong installation done by an unauthorized person, in that case company will not be responsible for that damage & the customer will be required to bear all expenses made towards that repair work.
  • It is mandatory to upload duly filled Registration Form along with Invoice Copy & Installation Job Sheet within 30 Days of Installation of the product on KAFF website :
  • It is mandatory to provide Valid Invoice Copy or Warranty Letter issued from the company to claim warranty of the product.
  • Product General Service/Cleaning or Deep Cleaning / To & Fro Charges beyond Municipal limits are not covered under this warranty.
  • Visit charges will be taken from customers after the completion of One Year from the date of purchase of the product.
  • Units installed beyond the municipal limits of the jurisdiction of the company service centre/authorized service associate, the expenses incurred towards the to and fro visit charges of the service engineer and charges for part replaced and the supportings required will be borne by customer.