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A Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Chimney Size


Cooking works like therapy except when you’re not overshadowed by the lingering presence of smoke and pungent smells. That’s why you need something that can whisk away the heaviness in the air and the odours that make you sneeze. Let’s welcome the kitchen wizard – The Chimney, that ensures your air stays as fresh as your favourite dish.

While kitchen chimneys may look glamorous, finding the perfect size can be a brain teaser! It’s like piecing together a puzzle, matching your cooktop width, kitchen space, suction power, and ideal positioning.

Let KAFF be your secret weapon! Unlock the perfect chimney size and dive into a therapeutic world of worry-free cooking without the smoke and fume drama. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Why is kitchen chimney size important?

Every kitchen has its enemies, and smoke is one of them. A chimney too small is a losing battle against smoke. Every wisp fights its way out, leaving your kitchen hazy and smelly. But a perfectly sized one? It’s a silent hero, whisking away smoke before it even has a chance to disrupt your cooking flow.

On the other hand, if your chimney is too big, it will take up more space than it needs to, and let’s be honest, it’s not the prettiest sight. Plus, it might consume more electricity and make more noise than you’d like.  Therefore, it is essential to choose the perfect kitchen chimney dimension that matches the size of your cooktop and the size of your kitchen.

Choosing the best fit

When it comes to choosing the perfect fit and size for a kitchen chimney, it’s about finding the right match for the cooking gas stove. If you have a small two-burner stove, go for a 60 cm chimney. If you own a larger stove boasting 3 burners or more, it’s advised to go with a 90 cm chimney. 

Here’s an example of a kitchen chimney size chart that could help you choose the best fit:

Kitchen SizeCooking Range Suction capacityRecommended Chimney Size
Small (up to 100 sq. ft.)1-2 Burner Stove 700-1000 meter cube/ hourUp to 60 cm
Medium (100-200 sq. ft.)3-4 Burner Stove1000-1200 meter cube/ hourUp to 90 cm
Large (200+ sq. ft.)5-6 Burner Stove1200-1500 meter cube/ hour
91 cm or larger

After analysing the perfect fit, the next step comes to achieving the right installation height for your kitchen chimney as it is essential for optimal performance. To know the ideal installation height, you can go through this Kitchen chimney installation guide from KAFF.

Remember, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines and factor in your unique kitchen setup for the perfect match.


Choosing the perfect kitchen chimney size is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen space. Following the steps we have laid out, you can easily figure out the size and kitchen chimney dimensions and install your chimney just right. But hey, if you are still scratching your head or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the KAFF for expert guidance and assistance.

Quick FAQs

Q. What is the size of a modular kitchen chimney?

A. Generally, we look for kitchen chimney size in inches. Common sizes fall between the range of 26 to 30 inches

Q. How do I choose a chimney size?

A. To choose a standard chimney size, consider the width of your cooktop or stove. A general rule is to select a chimney that is slightly larger than the stove. For example, a 60 cm chimney is suitable for a 2-4 burner stove, while a 90 cm chimney is recommended for stoves with three or more burners.

Q. What is the best size chimney for a kitchen?

A. The best chimney size depends on factors like the size of your kitchen, the type of cooking style you have, and the size of your cooktop. A common and versatile choice is a 90 cm chimney, but the best size varies based on individual needs.

Q.  Is a 60 cm chimney enough for a 4-burner stove?

A. A 60 cm chimney is generally sufficient for a 2-4 burner stove, while a 90 cm chimney is recommended for stoves with three or more burners.

Q. Which chimney is best, 60 cm, or 90 cm?

A. The choice between a 60 cm and a 90 cm chimney depends on the size of your cooktop and kitchen. A 60 cm chimney is suitable for smaller setups, while a 90 cm chimney is ideal for larger stoves with three or more burners.

Q.  What is the most common chimney size?

A. The most common chimney sizes are 60 cm and 90 cm. 

Q. Does chimney size matter?

A. Yes, chimney size matters for effective smoke and odour capture. Choosing the right size ensures the chimney can handle the smoke produced during cooking, providing efficient ventilation for a clean and healthy kitchen environment.

So, what’s the hold-up? Upgrade your kitchen with a KAFF kitchen chimney today and revel in the joy of a kitchen free from smoke, grease and unwanted smells. Happy cooking!

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