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Utility of Flame failure device in kitchen hobs


Technology is getting advanced in every product including Kitchen appliances. In today’s era when life is so fast, not only does the output matters but safety features are also an equally important part of customers’ buying decisions. Flame Failure Device (FFD) is one such important safety feature in the most premium and high-quality kitchen hobs. It is a part of the gas burner system that ensures that the fuel supply to a gas appliance such as a gas hob is cut off automatically and immediately if for any reason the flame goes out or becomes unstable. A flame failure device is responsible for shutting off the gas supply in your burners if the flame is extinguished for any reason.

Why Flame Failure Device (FFD) is important?

Sometimes it becomes very important that gas should be switched off immediately when food spills over the gas burner and the flame goes off, however, the gas continues to leak. This could cause serious accidents. However, FFD feature in hobs ensures that when such an incident of food spill over happens on the gas burner, the gas supply to that burner automatically gets cut off, which prevents the chance of accidents due to gas leakage. Such an intelligent feature isn’t it. Most of the built-in hobs premium series under Kaff Appliances like Bellini F, Milano-X, Novara, Massimo are having FFD features.

Reasons for Flame failure:

World over, a lot of importance is being given to safety.  Flames are extinguished for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason may be for the flame going out, it’s important that the flow of gas is stopped immediately.

  • Liquid overspill on burners
  • Heavy threshold of air from fan or coolers
  • Temporary interruption of gas supply
  • Gas under pressure

How Flame Failure Device FFD can protect us from gas leak accidents

The FFD stops the supply of gas to the burner when the flame is extinguished. This prevents the leakage of harmful gases from the gas appliance. Gas build-up can result in injury or sickness and, in severe cases, can be lethal if undetected for too long. All this is automatically taken care of by the flame failure device. So FFD is a very important safety feature.

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