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Need to keep your kitchen air fresh and healthy?

Lyra dry heat auto clean chimney

Kitchen is probably the most happening place of a house, particularly, in Indian households. The pungent smell of oil, spices and that special spluttering of Tadka are certain attributes that give a distinct identity to the Indian Kitchen. While the taste is unmatched, you are usually left with polluted air, watery eyes, odour and finally, a grimy kitchen. This is where a filter-less Chimney plays a vital role. And this is where I found, KAFF’s LYRA DHC 60 making a perfect choice.


What makes KAFF LYRA a so special chimney? Well, it’s trendy and elegant chimney and the most important, its filter-less! It perfectly fits your aspirations, your class, and your lifestyle. All along, it complements the sophistication of your kitchen. And for you, no more cleaning those oil-dripping filters and no more sweating to keep the chimney clean. LYRA Chimney’s Dry Heat Auto Clean Technology saves you from any hassle and just keeps your kitchen beautiful, clean, and healthy. And you know what; its Gesture Control Technology helps it understand your hand’s gesture. Just wave your hand and see the magic happening!


In fact, KAFF LYRA Chimney has been built keeping in mind the needs of the Indian Conditions. Its Black Curved Glass Fascia with Matt Black Hood makes it look so pretty that many perceive it as a piece of art. It is equipped with powerful suction capacity that works almost silently. Energy-saving Frosted LED Light gives you clear indication apart from enhancing the ambiance. Actually, KAFF LYRA Chimney is a rare fusion of the best aesthetics, ultra-modern technology, utmost convenience, and user-friendly features. You can know more by just clicking here


And when you buy a KAFF Product, unwavering trust and super-efficient post-sales service come in a package. As you know, KAFF is one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to Kitchen Appliances. It is one of the pioneering names as relates world-class built-in appliances in the country. With a nationwide network and a huge customer base, KAFF’s thrust on quality is what makes it a name above the rest. So, whenever you buy a KAFF Appliance, you buy the unmatched quality with a post-sales service second to none.


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