Built in Dishwasher Spectra


Finally, a hygienic dishwasher with spotless cleaning and drying

In fact, this is exclusively for those discerning buyers who never compromise with quality and understand the need for an efficient, hygienic dishwasher in today’s changing as well as challenging times when the focus is back on one’s health.

Yes, I’m talking about recently introduced KAFF’s ultra-modern, highly efficient and probably the best built-in dishwasher in the market. This, KAFF’s fully integrated Spectra Dishwasher saves on your energy bill and also, your hard-earned money.  It’s high time you do away with cumbersome, unhygienic manual dishwashing.  Spectra’s 12 standard place settings and automatic detergent dispenser with host of other features ensure, that you get your utensils cleaned and shining with just a touch.


This dishwasher shines like a jewel in the clutter of sub-standard dishwashers. Coming in a stainless-steel finish, this built-in Spectra Dishwasher perfectly fits into your kitchen and your lifestyle seamlessly. Minimal power consumption is not the only special feature, it also brings along top-notch water softener with salt indicator technology as well. Ensuring, the quality of your utensils remain intact. From intensive wash to eco, half-load wash or rapid wash, 7 washing programmes leave you with enough options to choose as per your requirement. Moreover, it is going to be your zero demands, and zero complaints and the most trusted kind of household help you’ve been looking for.

The installation of this dishwasher is totally hassle-free. The technical team of KAFF ensures you enjoy your moment while they install. This dishwasher has been designed so as to optimise space usage for your Kitchen. KAFF cares, and it shows.  Even in terms of safety. Precisely why, KAFF Spectra Dishwasher comes with safety interlock door mechanism besides a child lock to address your child’s safety and the best user experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest outlet. And Get what is a must for your Kitchen. Get it installed. Load your utensils and get on to binge watching the favourite series on the OTT Platform. Or, finish your office work. Or other domestic chores. Best of all, spend some priceless moments with your family without any disturbance. For KAFF Spectra Dishwasher is a noiseless yet joyful experience!

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A bit about KAFF

KAFF is one of the most trusted brands of India when it comes to Kitchen Appliances. It is one of the pioneering names as relates world-class built-in appliances in the country. With a nationwide network and a huge customer base, KAFF’s thrust on quality is what makes it a name above the rest. So, whenever you buy a KAFF Appliance, you buy the unmatched quality with a post sales service second to none.

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