Why You Should Buy a Deep Fryer (Built-in Barbeque) ?

It certainly is a challenge to buy kitchen appliances that are worthy of your hard earned money but it is not impossible. You just need someone to point you in the right direction- a reliable source you can trust.

Why buy a deep Fryer?

We are all in love with fried food, from fast food to fine-dining, menus are packed with deep-fried offerings. Whether you’re an adventurous cook who like to recreate or tweak meals you have tried or you want to save a few calories by making your families’ favourite foods at home, a deep fryer is a terrific addition to kitchens with extra counter-space. A deep fryer saves oil and allows faster frying as compared to a frying pan. Most fryers come with modern and unique features that allow you to fry with ease.


Where to Buy

One of the best electric deep fryer to buy online is KAFF’s KFRM 30SS. This 30 cm wide deep fryer has a 2300 W immersion element that you can remove for easy cleaning. The fryer features an adjustable thermostat and a signal light that lets you know when it’s “fry time”. The baskets are made of light weight metal and are shaped to fit large raw materials. It heats the oil at an optimal speed and produces delicious doughnuts, fries, onion rings and more. Its versatile features, affordable price and quality design makes it one of the best deep fryers online. It is easy to use and buyers are treated with an excellent experience, cooking all their favorite fried food.

Some deep fryers come with a built-in barbeque grill, which is a must if you are a fan of barbequed dishes. KAFF’s Bar-be-que with a Lava Stone (K/BQM 30 SS) is a one of a kind two-in one deep fryer and barbeque machine which allows you to get the best of both worlds. The lava rocks absorb the heat from the flame and hold and distribute it to any area the lava rocks are placed, creating a more widespread cooking area as well as greater heat throughout the grill.

The built in electric deep fryer (KFRM 30SS) is equipped with a heating element of 2300 watts and comes with an oil container & temperature lamp. The enamelled grills are good heat conductors as well as heat reservoirs and allow food to be roasted evenly. It also helps in protection against corrosion and facilitates easy cleaning. The versatility of this machine is immense and is a good addition to your kitchen.


Prices in India:

  • KAFF’s Electric Deep Fryer (KFRM 30SS) is priced at INR 38,990 and is a valuable addition to your kitchen.
  • KAFF’s Bar-be-que with a Lava Stone (K/BQM 30 SS) with a built-in fryer (KFRM 30SS) is priced at INR 32,990 which is the best deal you can get in this segment.

These are some of the best-in-line fryers and built-in barbeque machines and appliances that you can buy online.

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