Diwali Kitchen Makeover – Give a Festive Touch to Your Kitchen

Diwali is around the corner and you’ve been thinking of cleaning the whole house down, didn’t you? The idea has worked near perfectly in past decades but it is time we do something special. Diwali is the best time to accessorize your kitchen for two major reasons –

  1. You can get nearly everything at the cheapest price of the year, thanks to the big festive sales.
  2. You have guests visiting you over, so you can show what you bought and flaunt emphatically.

Here’s a list of kitchen renovation ideas that can inspire your Diwali kitchen remodeling:

  • Upgrade to built-in appliances:

    Built-in appliances are functional and aesthetically aligned, occupying less space. They are seamlessly integrated to look elegant in any type of kitchen setting. Buying built-in appliances online has become really easy. You can practically have a 360-degree view of the whole appliance and its 3D usage simulation without physically visiting a store.
    You can visit KAFF’s range of built-in appliances to see what looks best for the kitchen.

  • Buy a Kitchen Pantry unit:

    Pantry units are multi-partition systems that allow you to store more. They come in single and double pantry units with 90 kg load capacity. These units keep the kitchenware concealed in the cabinets so that the kitchen becomes a part or gets integrated with the living spaces. One astonishing feature of buying Kitchen Pantry unit in India is that they come with a long warranty, and it can be disassembled and reassembled in case you shift to a new home. Built-in storage accessories like pull-out larder systems are independent and graceful, significantly enhancing the storage capacity.

  • Upgrade your kitchen sink: Kitchen sinks have come a long way since the time they were mainly used to keep the unclean dishes. Now, the sinks come in one or two bowl design which improves the aesthetic appeal along with utility. Sinks come in a variety of materials and finishes, the popular ones include stainless steel and granite. While the material of the sink impacts the durability and design of the sink, it has a stronger impact on the aesthetic.We made a guide on ‘How to choose the best sink for your kitchen’ to help you make an informed decision.
  • Add some plants:

    To give a fresh look to your kitchen, you can add some greens to it. Growing some fresh organic herbs in colourful earthen pots near your windowpane is the cheapest way to add a new flavour. The best part, it would literally add flavour to your food. You can grow some seasonal herbs along with the windowpane and if space is a constraint, you can buy a hanging or vertical pots. The simplest way to do it is, create a metal mesh near the window and hang your pots on it. You’ll love sniffing your favourite herbs while passing across them.

  • Upgrade to a built-in dishwasher:

    Dishwashers not only save your time when cleaning up, but they also use less water than washing dishes in the sink. Dishwashers come in two types, built-in and freestyle. If you buy a built-in sink it will be installed in the kitchen environment. Upgrading to a built-in dishwasher can significantly enhance the cleaning efficiency of your kitchen.

Lastly, like your living room, your kitchen also reflects on your lifestyle. While you keep on experimenting with your home interior and furniture, upgrading your utility kitchen appliance is also necessary. While your living room makeover demands a massive hit to your pockets, adding as small as a quirky wine cooler does the job for your kitchen. This Diwali, add something utilitarian to your kitchen with a modern narrative to complete your festive makeover.

Hope you liked it!

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